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Menlo Security

Threat Isolation

Isolate malicious files while preserving the end user experience. Eliminate phishing, malware and credential theft from web and email.

Menlo Security

What makes the web interactive and dynamic is the very thing that’s the source of malware and infections: active content. When you visit a website, there are dozens of background websites that deliver JavaScript and Flash for the purpose of ads, trackers, and beacons. With Menlo Security, we execute all active content remotely, and leave the rendering local. The upshot is that all executables are handled in the cloud, the good and the bad—we don’t try and detect good from bad, we’re agnostic.

And zero malware makes it through. Always.

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100% Secure

All web and email content are isolated and executed in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, separate from the endpoint, eliminating the malware-to-user path.

Seamless User Experience

With the MSIP, there's no pixelation, choppy scrolling or other visual artifacts common to “screen-scraping” technologies like VDI. And all functionality, like cut-and-paste, printing, and video is delivered intact.


Cloud Flexibility and Scale

Reduces complexity and infinitely increases scale by eliminating end-point software, plug-ins and appliances.

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